Key People

    Phaedra Culjak, CEO
    Ms. Culjak has been a serial Entrepreneur for most of her career. In 1994, she started a successful catering company
    which was profitable in the first year.  She then began work as the first employee for a start-up traceability company in
    Operations and Business Development.  Culjak has provided supply chain management and traceability solutions for more
    than a decade. She has consulted to provide increased efficiencies, asset management, inventory management and
    process improvement solutions to numerous clients. She led development of business and technology solutions utilizing
    business process analysis, comparative metrics, and enterprise system solutions to create cost effective products and
    operations that resulted in increased profitability and substantial ROI for clients.  

    Culjak has created full traceability solutions for industrial operations from processing and fabrication to retail sales. She
    also managed the development of a full traceability systems including deployment of client software solutions, as well as
    integration with existing MES, ERP, and proprietary back office systems to create more efficiency and reduced liability.

    In 2007, Culjak co-founded Results Oriented, Inc. (ROI) as a consulting company to provide software, hardware, and
    Internet solutions for the supply and cold chains. She is a former board member and current member of the Colorado RFID

    Leland Curkendall, CTO
    Mr. Curkendall has over twenty years of experience building companies that design data collection and integration systems
    for the supply chain.  He has designed, managed, sold and implemented systems all over North America, Europe, South
    America and Australia. With his background in both agriculture and economics, he has built practical, usable systems that
    increase company bottom lines.  He also holds multiple patents for radio frequency identification (RFID) and database

    Curkendall began programming “micro” computers in 1982 when he had a need in his own business to do financial and
    management analysis.  In 1989, as manager of a large computer data service in California, he was introduced to RFID and
    in 1993 formed a company that designed RFID, bar code, and mobile applications for all stages of the supply chain.  In
    1997, he co-founded a best-in-class company that developed traceability systems for agricultural, food and pharmaceutical

    In 2007, Curkendall co-founded Results Oriented, Inc. (ROI) as a consulting company to provide software, hardware, and
    Internet solutions for the supply and cold chains.  Early in 2007, ROI began developing cold chain solutions, using Sealed
    Air Corporation’s TurboTag RFID temperature-monitoring device.  Subsequently, ROI has developed TempTrip as a turnkey
    service for automating the collection, transfer, storage and reporting of temperature results.  TempTrip is the first
    temperature-monitoring system that is sold as a service and requires minimal infrastructure for end customers to

                       Jerry Johnson, VP, Materials Logistics
    For over twenty years Mr. Johnson worked at AT&T/Western Electric culminating in the position of Materials Manager at
    their PBX manufacturing and distribution facility in Denver, CO. While in that position at AT&T, Johnson designed and
    implemented the “Paperless Warehouse”.  This real-time, bar coding materials management system increased inventory
    turns from 3 to 11 which resulted in driving $72M inventory savings to the bottom line.  

    Following an early retirement and building on his success at AT&T, Johnson started his own company, focusing on
    designing leading edge productivity-oriented materials management technology solutions.  He has provided many
    successes for various clients in a multitude of industries over the last 18 years, including health care, automotive,
    agriculture, distribution/ shipping, ski areas, retail, manufacturing and warehousing.  Johnson has implemented solutions
    from the field or shop floor all the way to integration with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications.

    Matt Morrison, Hardware Systems
    Mr. Morrison has over 25 years of experience specializing in Video, RF telemetry and RFID. He provides electronic and
    mechanical design, machining, prototype design, fabrication, PCB design, ASIC development, procurement, pre-production
    management and transition to full production including fixturing and regulatory approval.

    Morrison has set up and managed RFID production lines in Asia and has designed and implemented everything from
    medical RF diathermy systems to time slice video multiplexing systems.  He was one of the engineers responsible for the
    first 125 KHz  proximity programmable smart card and also created the first hands-free RFID portal reading system for
    Hughes ID Corporation.  Morrison also designed and built the world’s first wireless hand-held reader used for both LF and
    UHF RFID tags.  He holds numerous electronic and RFID patents.

    Kenneth Lawrence, Finance
    Mr. Lawrence, CPA, has held positions with a range of companies including Supervisor with Coopers and Lybrand (now
    known as PricewaterhouseCoopers), Internal Auditor for a NYSE home builder, Senior Manager with Arthur Young &
    Company (now known as Ernst & Young), VP and Controller for Capitol Federal Savings and Loan, Controller for a high-
    growth plastic injection molding company, and owner of a tax and accounting firm.

    Lawrence has designed and implemented complete accounting functions, including:  computer network system design
    and selection, software selection and implementation, manufacturing/scheduling, cost accounting, cost containment
    measures, manufacturing analysis, human resources, and insurance. Lawrence has valued over 50 businesses under the
    guidelines of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, has provided dozens of business valuations and expert
    witness testimonies, and teaches classes on business startups for new entrepreneurs.

    Dave McFarland, Software Systems
    Mr. McFarland has over 10 years experience in software development related to traceability applications including asset
    tracking, inventory management, distribution, route accounting, manufacturing, agriculture and healthcare.  He is proficient
    in database design, Visual Basic, embedded Visual Basic, Visual Studio.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP and Windows CE.NET.  
    McFarland’s specialty is writing mobile applications that are easily understood by the end user and integrate well with a
    variety of hardware, databases and Web applications.

    Some of the applications that McFarland has designed and written include systems for Polo Ralph Lauren (asset tracking),
    Orowheat Bakery (wireless inventory control), AgInfoLink Global (rugged mobile applications and meat tracking
    applications), City of Los Angeles (tree inventory system), Mayo Clinic and Ohio State University (asset tracking) and
    numerous other tracking applications.

    Jim Krajcirik, Software Systems
    Mr. Krajcirik's career in computer programming and maintenance began almost 30 years ago with a four-year stint in the U.
    S. Air Force writing machine-level (assembly) code.  Since then, he has become proficient in many computer languages
    including IRL, BASIC, Visual Basic, C, C++, Prolog, COBOL, RPG II, PHP, Perl, and numerous scripting languages.  He also
    designs and maintains a variety of database packages, mostly SQL-based.  Krajcirik works with a number of operating
    systems including VMS, DOS, Windows, OS/2, OS/400, MacOS, Linux, UNIX, Solaris and BeOS on various hardware
    platforms from PCs, Macs, Mainframes and minis, to handheld devices.

    In addition to computer programming, Krajcirik has a good knowledge of networking, security, firewalls, email, web, ftp,
    and database servers.  Today, his specialty is developing portable, non-proprietary web-based applications using PHP and
    MySQL.  Krajcirik’s latest implementations include medical instrument tracking applications and a Web-based ocean-
    going container tracking system for Unisource Worldwide.

    Mike Malmer, Software and Firmware Systems
    Mr. Malmer is an electrical engineer who specializes in software and firmware development for RFID, medical devices, RF
    networking and wireless communications products. He was Vice President of Engineering at Identification Devices, Inc.
    where his team produced the world’s first syringe-implantable RFID transponder as well as many industry-leading RFID
    readers. He was also founder and Vice President of Engineering at two technology startup companies where he led the
    development of leading-edge computer telephony, networking and RFID products.

    Earlier in his career, Malmer was a senior development engineer and Manager of R&D at Burroughs and Northern
    Telecom (Sycor).  At Sycor, he implemented the world’s earliest microprocessor applications for real-time control of disk,
    tape, printer, CRT display, and communications devices.  With Burroughs, he was a key member of a team that developed
    and patented communications computers that had superb commercial success, exceeding $1 billion in sales. Mike is a
    member of the IEEE and holds multiple patents.
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