ROI is skilled at using technologies that can improve your company’s
effectiveness.  We don’t employ technology for technology’s sake but, instead,
use it strategically – where it’s needed, in the right doses.  We have hardware,
software and integration specialists in every area of the supply chain and cold
chain to help you customize solutions from data collection to telemetry to
designing the right reports and data dashboards for your business.

ROI’s people have been involved with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for many years (some since the 1980’s).  From
integrating existing RFID technologies into mobile and stationary applications to prototyping and manufacturing RFID tags and
readers, there is a deep knowledge base of RFID in ROI.
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Bar Codes
We know RFID but we’re not afraid to use bar codes when they make more sense, or to combine bar code use with RFID.  Our
people have been implementing barcode solutions for more than 25 years.
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Electronics and Firmware Development
Sometimes, projects need to have custom hardware developed.  It could be something as simple as adding a new enclosure for
existing components or as involved as designing a product from the ground up.
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Mobile Applications
ROI folks have been developing mobile software applications from the advent of the hand-held computer.  Beginning with batch
data collection on the hand-held computers of the 1980’s to the wireless hand-helds of the 1990’s to today’s implementations in
Java™ and Windows™  Mobile on PDA cell phones, we’ve done it all.
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Telemetry is defined as “the science and technology of automatic measurement and transmission of data by wire, radio, or other
means from remote sources to receiving stations for recording and analysis”.  For many applications, telemetry can be used to
collect data without human supervision and arrive, unassisted, at the manager’s desk.
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Data Integration and Database Design
ROI understands how to design databases that fit your needs – whether you need to add to the capability of the databases you
already use, implement “intermediate” databases between the field and your main applications, or redesign you entire data
structure, we have the expertise to handle the job.
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