Evaluation & Analysis
At ROI, we provide evaluation and analysis of all aspects of your
business from business process, business strategy,
transportation/logistics, distribution operations, order management,
demand planning, scheduling, procurement, manufacturing to
organizational design, integration and customized technology solutions.
Solution Implementation
ROI has the hands-on experience to execute on critical delivery and
implementation functions that provide changes in systems and structures
to improve both your operational and technology systems. We provide full
execution of client solutions, including Integration of Systems, Project
Management, Training and Support, and Post-Implementation Analysis.
After evaluating your needs, ROI provides a road map to success based
on fully understanding company objectives and gaining acceptance at
all levels to ensure solutions are in alignment with overall business
strategy and drivers. At this stage, we can provide Functional System
Designs, Technical Design Specifications, Integration Plans, Business
Process Improvement Plans and other Supply Chain Improvement Plans.
Mobile Office
In the field, we can be on site 24/7 for mission critical system upgrades
and implementation to be there with you every step of the way! While on
site, we have our support and development staff available for the fastest
and most agile turnaround of issues to keep your operations and
systems online!
ROI offers customized client-based solutions to address real-world
business problems. We help determine how your operation can improve
its bottom line by providing full supply chain management solutions that
help to increase efficiencies, automate business processes and integrate
data within all areas of your operation and supply chain.
Product Testing
When projects require components that are used in new environments,
it’s essential that they’re tested.  Everything from temperature to humidity
to vibration to drop-testing are important to understand prior to
implementing a solution. ROI works with
Sun Microsystems
Advanced Product Testing Lab
to put products through the paces.  
Whether it’s new electronic components, RFID tags and antennas, PDAs,
or even cardboard packaging for your product, ROI gets components
tested and tweaked to ensure they will work for your solution.
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