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Here are some of the major RFID projects designed and implemented by ROI people:

•        1986 – Miniaturization of RFID to rice-sized implant
•        1989 – Development and manufacture of hand-held RFID reader
•        1992 – Developed and manufactured leading Read/Write proximity cards
•        1994 – Development of innovative stationary reading systems w/ over 98% read of moving objects
•        1995 – Development and manufacture of first 2-piece wireless RFID reader
•        1998 – Development and manufacture of first 1-piece wireless RFID reader and base station
•        1998 – Integration of RFID with PC hardware and software for automatic identification
•        2000 – Development and manufacture of wireless point-multi-point RFID readers and base station
•        2001 – Addition of Bluetooth technology to wireless RFID readers
•        2001 – Integration of Bluetooth RFID with PDA hardware and software
•        2003 – Development and manufacture of UHF RFID reader for use in demanding environments
•        2004 – Development and manufacture of mount-on-metal UHF RFID tags
•        2006 – Developed  hardware with integrated GPS, wireless communications, USB data storage with RFID reading systems
•        2007 – Incorporation of temperature and RFID data into Web-enabled reporting systems
•        2008 – Development of RFID smart card temperature-monitoring service

ROI’s people have been involved with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for many years
(some since the 1980’s).  From integrating existing RFID technologies into mobile and
stationary applications to prototyping and manufacturing RFID tags and readers, there is a
deep knowledge base of RFID in ROI.
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