From crops growing in the field and animals in the pasture to the food on the retail shelves, tracking and
tracing food is big business.  Food producers and processors can increase or maintain profits in two
main ways: by increasing revenue or decreasing costs (or both).  ROI can help with both.  Don’t know
which field or animal is profitable?  We’ll automate the tracking of your inputs and results so you’ll know.  
Don’t know from where the best product is coming?  We can track it down to the field, variety or individual
so you’ll know how to shape management decisions to produce the highest quality product.  ROI has the
experience “ruggedizing” hardware to work in the field, simplifying software so that it gets used, and tying
it all together.

Keeping track of patients’ location, condition, and history can literally be life-critical.  But the paperwork
and personnel to accomplish this can be overwhelming.  ROI’s experience in everything from automating
surgical “kitting” to tracking a patient’s drug intake help streamline the process.  By using electronic
identification of patients, facilities, drugs, and equipment as well as automating and sharing patient
recordkeeping, ROI can help you design a system for your healthcare facilities.

Pharmaceuticals are similar to foods in the need to manage their manufacture, shipment, distribution
and sales.  From the beginning of the manufacturing process, to the sales rep’s vehicle, pharmaceuticals
can be monitored for things such as ingredients, temperature and especially for authenticity,  ROI has
some innovative methods for tracking the products through distribution to ensure safe and authentic
products reach the store’s shelves.

Construction and Forestry
The construction and forestry industry’s needs are similar to agriculture in that they need rugged
hardware that’s simple to use.  And they have the same needs to increase revenue and reduce costs.  
ROI has experience in managing equipment inventories, including rental equipment, as well as
automating equipment maintenance records on site and in the yard.  We’ve employed software, GPS,
mapping systems, bar codes, memory buttons, and many types of RFID on equipment to keep track of
location and profitability.

Logistics and Shipping
ROI’s experience with everything from real-time location systems to data-logging for timely updates helps
you get the right data from the field to your desk.  Whether you need real-time alerts based on business
rules (i.e., time, temperature and condition) or help deciding how to rearrange shipments and
employees based on where the goods are, ROI can help design that system.  We work with everything
from shipping from the warehouse to arrival at the final destination.

Sports & Fitness
The “Supply Chain” for sports and fitness is a bit different than it is for product-based businesses… it’s
usually people!  Skiers’ bar codes are scanned in the lift line and the information is sent to a central
computer; kids’ RFID wrist bands are scanned as they move around the adventure park; clients’ records
are automated and centralized at the health club.  All of the systems have things in common: they require
automated input, they need centralized software, and they need the data collection software to be tied to
existing or new systems so that management can get the information they need.  ROI’s experiences in all
of those areas allow us to design a system that works best for you.
The components of traceability and supply chain applications have largely similar
components.  The software, hardware, data integration and reporting pieces share
many requirements and features.  ROI has experience in numerous industries and
often borrows successes from one industry and applies them to others.  Below are
some examples of how ROI uses their talents in various industries to solve supply
chain and other traceability needs.
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