Electronics and Firmware Development

Sometimes, projects need to have custom hardware developed.  It could be something
as simple as adding a new enclosure for existing components or as involved as
designing a product from the ground up.  ROI is capable of total project management,
product inception, prototype design and fabrication, production design, electronic
design, mechanical design, circuit board design, procurement, pre-production
management and transition to full production including fixturing and regulatory approval.
We start with your needs and design a combination of custom and existing components into a solution.  For instance, an existing
RFID reader may not work for your company’s challenging environment – we can integrate the existing reader into a different
enclosure, design a new antenna and controller board and make it work for the new environment.  Or, maybe you need an entire
new piece of hardware for your data collection project.  We can design and produce the hardware as well as write the firmware to
perform the job.
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