Data Integration and Database Design

ROI understands how to design databases that fit your needs – whether you need to add to the
capability of the databases you already use, implement “intermediate” databases between the
field and your main applications, or redesign your entire data structure, we have the expertise
to handle the job.  And we’re proficient at moving raw data into efficient structures that don’t
require a re-write every time your data needs change.
Integrating new data into existing and new applications should be seamless.  By working with all of the components, ROI can ensure
a system that works seamlessly.  We start by understanding the end result: what reports, alerts, etc. does the user need?  Next, we
make sure that we have access to all of the components needed for the end result – are they available in existing applications or do
they need to be added?  Then, we build interfaces to both existing and new data structures.  Finally, we automate the input process to
make sure accurate data gets collected and added to the system.
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