Case Studies
Equipment Tracking

Implemented an inventory control and tracking system at multiple locations for capital assets.  The project included the development
of a system to identify, locate, maintain and track all equipment. The application has the ability to update a remote database server
in real time and gives management personnel access to a host of productive reports.  The systems had two main objectives which
were met: cost control and compliance with government requirements.
Financial/Operations Consulting

Designed executive management reports for multi-billion dollar telecommunications
company.  The reports provided C-level and regional operations executives a more useful
and functional set of company information with which to manage the financial and
operations aspect of the business.  Project management review and process design
expertise were also provided for the capital asset management business process.
Outdoor Attendance Tracking

Designed and implemented multiple ski areas with ability to identify and record customers
in real time.  Systems includes up to 60 hand-held computers at each ski area with
integrated bar code scanners, relaying customer information, wirelessly, to a central
computer server application.  The application gives field users an immediate pass/fail for
admission and gives management reams of data for operations logistics and sales
Produce-Tracking Systems

Designed and implemented systems to identify and track produce from the field through
processing.  RFID and bar code labels were used in conjunction with wireless
hand-held readers, GPS, and stationary RFID readers to track the harvest,
transportation, storage and processing of produce. Data was relayed in real time via
cellular networks and available immediately for operational decisions, including text
message alerts.  The collected data were also assembled into actionable reports for
management and remain available for long-term management analysis.
Manufacturing Consulting

Provided procurement and demand planning process and organization design improvement services for a global electronics
manufacturing company.  The project consisted of managing the development and design of new demand planning and
procurement processes for product lines where manufacturing had moved to China.  Client has implemented recommended
process changes and is having tremendous success with the new processes and capabilities.

Provided assessment of current cross-border relationships, processes, and structures for facilitating the import and export of
auto parts for a large automotive supply company.  The assessment included review of current third-party logistics services,
systems capabilities, and documentation requirements.  Recommendations were provided which allowed the VP of North
American Operations to further support strategic initiatives for growth along the US/Mexico border.
Meat Traceability System

Designed and implemented an application to trace meat from the animal to the retail
case.  Live animals were tagged with RFID and read at the processing plant and carcass
halves where individually bar-coded and stored.  During carcass fabrication, individual
meat cuts were bar-coded with unique IDs and stored in a central system along with the
cut’s weight and type.  A point-of-sale system was also developed so that cuts could be
sold and traced back to the individual animal.  The system included a complete set of
management reports covering everything from inventory control to quality results.
Below are a few examples of the many projects that we’ve designed and
implemented over the years.  The descriptions here are brief but should
provide an overview of the varied expertise ROI can bring to your project.  
The main thing that all of the case studies have in common is their purpose:
to improve a company’s bottom line.
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